Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dan Rather and more

Sharing some links today. I've been too busy to get on here much lately, working, teaching classes and of course working on taxes. I handed them off to the CPA and now I can concentrate this week on shipping art to a show and advertising for an upcoming workshop. I do have to divide my time between here and the art world.

Anyway, the first one I wanted to share was of course the article by Dan Rather. I had heard that there was a documentary in the works by Dan Rather Reports and I was contacted by another mom who thought I might be interested in being interviewed for it. I contacted the producer and then did a lengthy phone interview with Sean. After that interview he emailed with the question - what one word would you use to describe your first birth experience? As it shows in the article I said "torture". Why? This was my answer to Sean....

The first word that comes to mind is "torture". That's for multiple reasons. The torture of not being able to see my baby, the torture of having to keep this huge secret, the torture of the doctor sewing me up without anesthesia after tearing during delivery.

So the torture was physical, emotional and mental. Did this feeling go away after the birth experience? Only the physical. The emotional and mental torture remains to this day. It's probably the same for most of us who have been through this experience. We learn to cope on a day to day basis but it's still there.

This post - Coercion Not Choice was published the same day that Dan Rather's article came out.

"When just even a hint of coercion exists, there can never be true choice. You can try to wrap it up in a pretty bow, sprinkle some sugar on it to make it sweeter, but it will never change the fact that the moment coercion enters the equation, in any way, choice leaves it."

This is an important post and worth every minute of reading time. If you have any doubts about coercion still happening in infant adoption, please read! And here's one more along the same lines.... The 5 Most Coercive Aspects of Modern Adoption

If you're an expectant mom please read! If you're a prospective adoptive parent, please read!

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