Friday, September 3, 2010

Peddlers of Flesh

I came across this site on Facebook today and just had to post it here. When I told my hubby about it he called them flesh peddlers and he was right! I sure hope there's some other people out there that find this just as offensive as I do. I'm not just talking about first mothers either, it should be offensive to everyone. They make this look like a vacation package. Look! Absolutely free! All for the simple act of giving us your child. Take a look at the photos on the left of the page, there's actually a smiling young mother holding her very pregnant belly with one hand and shopping bags with the other as if to say.... look at me, I'm out shopping and having a good time, yay! All I have to do is give birth and then I can go back to my life without any hassles.

This is not the only place that offers packages and deals. After seeing this I really don't want to hear anymore about the industry no longer being coercive or manipulative.

OK, time to go back to Robin's blog and know that life CAN be good. Make sure you visit, you've got to see the photo she posted.

Peace and have a good holiday weekend.


  1. I'm astounded. And honestly, I'm having a hard time believing this is real; that's how horrifying it is.

    "After you give birth, it is our responsibility to make sure that the adoption process is complete and the baby is successfully placed with the loving family of your choice." At least they're clear that their sole mission is to separate first mother and baby. No room for hesitation or changing your mind. Jeepers! This is the BSE with shopping and sightseeing.

    And this: "In the end, you get to be able to go on with your life, on your terms, feeling at peace with the choices you made, playing a vital part in the miracle of adoption." OK, first of all, as anyone who has placed or adopted knows, relinquishment is a BEGINNING, not the end. Second, the suggestion that life post-placement is peaceful and "on your terms"... I can't even... I'm not ready to deal with this.

  2. What's really astonishing Sally, is this isn't the only site out there. Some aren't as blatant about it but they're pretty damn close. Some offer scholarships for college too. I noticed that their terms were that the mother signs the papers within 48 hours and they're irrevocable. Of course, they're spending a ton of money, they don't want her to change her mind. BTW... in my state of FL a mother can sign the papers that early also and there's no turning back. There is no time period where she can change her mind.

    You're right, it's like the BSE with goodies. It makes me want to grab every pregnant woman who is considering this and tell her to run the other way. She has no idea what she's in for.