Friday, August 26, 2011

Words I read this morning on Barbara's blog Motherhood Expunged

Harvest my heart before my child

What would you do if you needed a new heart and a young woman offered hers to you?  What if she was poor and didn't know how she was going to support herself so she just decided it was more important that you have her heart. Of course you would tell her no. You would never kill another to save your own life, even if the person offered.  

Well folks that's what happens when you take another woman's child. Unless a childs safety is in jeopardy everything needs to be done to support the mother.  The mother and child need each other. Another mother will never replace a child's mother. Remember, they were together for nine months. The bond was established and will never be severed. And truthfully if you take a woman's child it would be kinder to take her heart. 

So simple and to the point. It gets to the heart of how I feel about infant adoption.

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