Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just putting this out there for those who haven't seen it. This is Dian Wellfare talking about the reason for the BFA code used in the charts of unwed mothers. I've written about my experience with this before. This was not only used in my chart it was hung over my bed and taped to the door of my room. They really wanted to make sure I didn't see my daughter!


  1. It makes me so upset that they could treat another human being like that.

  2. It is horrendous isn't it? Every time I think of my time in the hospital those red signs with the big black letters are there - the impact of them was huge. The shame was so great I remember just hanging my head and feeling like I couldn't fight back.

  3. Since I first heard about the BFA letters being posted above beds, I felt that in addition to keeping the mother and child from bonding, they also served to humiliate the mother and give permission to medical staff to punish her. I am not usually this cynical, but I totally believe that they did this consciously.